Books are the gateway to imagination

Books are the gateway to imagination
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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Yesterday @ the L.A. Auto Show

I've been a car buff for years. There's no question that it was more fun when every car had a distinctive look, but even though it's often hard to know what car you're looking at these days, there are still a few standouts.  
Three Morgans---Me and two cars

Of course I was drawn to the Morgan display. Back in the early 80s my then-boyfriend had traded for all kinds of classic cars, and one was a beautiful Morgan that looked much like this one. After it sat in his driveway for months he lifted the tarp only to find that squirrels had eaten the interior. This is a 2003, but is retro and more like the one the squirrels viewed as a feast.
Unfortunately so many people were milling around the Cadillac hybrid Ciel convertible concept car , I couldn't get a picture, but here is one I found on the web. It was an eye-catcher. The model at the show was a beautiful bronze metallic. In my estimation, it's sleek styling set it apart from the pack. I looked more like an Italian or German status car. Cadillac says this won't be the design for its new flagship car, but it well could be.

Moving on, I stopped to look at this Ferrari. There's no way it wouldn't turn your head as you cruised along Rodeo or the PCH. As a former interior designer, high peformance cars have always intrigued me. They look more like a beautiful objet d'art than a car.
Hubby particularly liked the A6 Audi, but I found it a bit strange that in this day and age a luxury car with a base price only a few dollars less than $50,000 didn't include a navigator. Other options plus the almost $7,000 package that included a navigator, brought the sticker price for the car at the show to a little over $60,000. Yet, many other manufacturers whose cars had base prices in the low $30,000s included a navigator.

Oh well, Sales 101: I guess if you can get those add-on dollars, go for it. After wandering around the convention center for a few hours looking at cars in every price range, our feet informed us it was time to go home. Since I'm a Mustang owner and aficionado I dragged him to the Ford display to see the 2013 model before we trudged back to our own car.

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  1. Always like seeing a gorgeous automobile. Too bad Motor City designs cars with no class, they all look alike, and they don't last. They used to do a bang up job. What happened?