Books are the gateway to imagination

Books are the gateway to imagination
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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Author Wendy Mazaros wows 40 Plus-Just Us Girls in Las Vegas

At the end of the year I joined a great MeetUp group in Las Vegas - 40+ Just Us Girls in Las Vegas. They do all kinds of neat things and the women are all ages groups and professions.

I'd offered to set up a talk and book signing by my friend, "Vegas Rag Doll," Wendy Mazaros. Well, Wendy talked about her life as a 15 year old runaway who got involved with the Binion family and ultimately the Mob, how she finally broke the cycle and so much more. It in her book "Vegas Rag Doll." We had great attendance and everyone was blown away by Wendy -- she was engaging, open to talking about some very hard things and emphatic that she wants to reach out to runaways so they don't experience what she did.

Everyone brought food, drinks and so forth and I provided my home for the talk. By clearing the table out of the breakfast nook, and putting it on the patio for the evening, I was able to set up enough seating for 30 people to easily see and listen to Wendy. But, oh the food. We had enough to feed and army and have some left over.

We started the evening by just socializing and you know how women talk...and talk...and talk. Everyone made sure to visit the dining room table with the amazing variety of food. Some knew each other and others met for the first time.

Wendy circulated among everyone and many of the women had already read her book and were armed with questions, which she answered until her voice gave out.

Then people chose their chairs, and several of the "lucky" ones were able to snag seats on one of the two sofas while they anticipated hearing all about Wendy's life.

I was so happy I was able to set it up and mega thanks to Wendy for a wonderful insight to what it was like to walk in her shoes and be able to rebuild a life she can be proud of.

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