Books are the gateway to imagination

Books are the gateway to imagination
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Friday, May 4, 2012

Traffic in Los Angeles - UGH!

Yesterday around 5:00 we left Marina Del Rey (near Venice beach) to meet our cousins for a 6:00 dinner in the San Fernando Valley. As Flossie, the 80 year-old mother in our Silver Sisters Mysteries would say, "Oy vey!"

Anyone who lives in our City of Angels knows that you don't take the freeway at that hour because it is a veritable parking lot. So you figure out the best alternate route using surface streets. Hubby decided the best thing was to take a route he used to use back in the day. Bundy to Barrington to Sunset to Church to Sepulveda to the freeway entrance. Can you say snail's pace? That would have been speeding.

We inched along as the hands on the clock (to be proper I should say digits since clocks in cars generally don't have hands now) seemed to speed forward. Almost an hour and we hadn't even made it to Sunset. Where did all the cars come from?

We finally made it into Sepulveda Pass and looked over at the 405 freeway. Cars were actually moving along at a decent pace, unlike the crawl we'd been doing. You never know, do you?

We arrived at the restaurant a little after 6:15. Not bad. An hour and fifteen minutes for a drive that would have been about 20-25 minutes in off peak traffic. Oh well. That's life in L.A.

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