Books are the gateway to imagination

Books are the gateway to imagination
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Friday, June 15, 2012

"Who's Got the Money?" will be released between July 12-15

I'm thrilled. My new book co-authored with Meredith Holland will be released  between July 12-15 at the Public Safety Writers Association conference in Las Vegas.

When money disappears from a government agency, and we see plenty of that in the papers, on TV and in movies and books every day, of course you want to know "who's got the money?"

But when big bucks have disappeared from a part of the federal prison system, that makes it even more intriguing. Jennifer, Cameron and Kate smell a rat and are determined to find the answer, even if it means resorting to a bumbling Charlie's Angels-type of undercover investigation. It's the Angels, First Wives Club and Nine to Five all rolled into one. You're going to love these feisty ladies and the mess they get into.

The funny crime caper was inspired by experiences the authors had while working for a company similar to the one in the book. The scam is fiction, but it could have happened, and that's eye-opening. Most people don't know that $800 Million of merchandise is manufactured in federal prisons every year, so imagine what could happen if a person in the right position got greedy?

When you read a story like this you have to wonder how someone like Jennifer, a CPA who was a rising star and Vice President of a hi-tech company, wound up working for the prison system. What happened that changed her life in a heartbeat? Well, Meredith and I decided to write a little prequel that fills in the blanks. "Getting Even" will be released as a Kindle Only short book on July 1. The rest of her story is told in "Who's Got the Money?"

Watch for the release of "Getting Even" followed by "Who's Got the Money?"

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