Books are the gateway to imagination

Books are the gateway to imagination
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Friday, July 6, 2012

How I got the job of marketing prison-made furniture

I had just finished a stint as Director of Design for a Los Angeles residential homebuilder. I hadn't decided whether I wanted to look for a new job or do freelance interior design. 

Years before, when cubicles (systems furniture) first hit the office interior scene, I'd worked for a large office furniture dealership as a representative for big interiors projects. They had thoroughly trained me in systems furniture. I saw this ad in the L.A. Times that said something to the effect of "Unique opportunity to work with little known  manufacturer marketing systems furniture. Must have working knowledge of the product and interior design background." 

On a lark I sent them a resume, and promptly forgot about it. One evening, about three weeks later I received a call from a man who said he was with the Federal Bureau of Prisons. My heart skipped a beat. Had I done something illegal?

As I was to find out, the furniture in the ad was manufactured in Federal Prisons and it was big business. About $600 Million a year for furniture sales. He said they had hired a private sector firm to do the marketing and I'd passed the first stage of weeding out candidates. Could I come to an interview in San Diego the following week? Well, I had my doubts, but I went and was shocked to walk into a beautiful suite of offices with very nice furniture. It was a combination showroom and office for the West Coast.

I made the cut and became the representative and design liaison for Southern California, Southern Nevada and Utah. Pretty much like the character Cameron in Who's Got the Money. The book will be released any day now, but you can get Getting Even, the story behind how the protagonist, Jennifer Hayes went to work for the prison division that manufactured furniture similar to the product my co-author, Meredith Holland, and I worked with for four years. It also covers how she got even with the boy-toy who stole her heart and money. Kindle only. 99 cents. Getting Even

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