Books are the gateway to imagination

Books are the gateway to imagination
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Friday, July 27, 2012


Rosetta Schwartz was my mother and I edited and contributed to CAN WE COME IN AND LAUGH, TOO? Her life was a combination of funny and touching stories, many of which are in the book she wrote in 1989 at the age of 80. There simply wasn't enough room for all of them, so I started the Laugh With Rosetta blog. Her manuscript was lost for several years and found last year. The result is CAN WE COME IN AND LAUGH, TOO? To date, this book has delighted thousands.

TODAY'S LAUGH WITH ROSETTA BLOG: Family dinners were like a comedy show with up to 40 players in this big, zany family. I started this blog for a place to post stories that were not in the heartwarming book as well as some excerpts from the book. Read the full posts for your inspiration or chuckle.  Rosetta passed away in 2006 as she neared her 97th birthday, but through the book and blog her laughter and inspiration live on. She was an ordinary woman with the ability to make anyone believe in themselves. Today's post captures the laughter that always prevailed in the Schwartz family. 

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