Books are the gateway to imagination

Books are the gateway to imagination
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Wednesday, March 26, 2014


I didn't realize how long it had been since I'd posted on this blog. So many things have happened. I just finished redesigning my entire website - - and am delighted with the new look. 

When I began to click the links to the various blogs, as I visited them, I realized that if I'm going to have links to all of the blogs I've started during the past few years, they mean nothing if I don't keep them up. Check out the "latest, greatest" version of my website.

RESOLUTION: I will set aside one day as "Blog Day" every week. On that day I'll do as much updating as I possibly can. Since I'm a procrastinator at times, I'm going to have to make an appointment with myself and put it on my Outlook Calendar. Otherwise, other things will grab my attention.

It has been a busy month. But then, what else is new?

I've helped to put together events that will involve several days of fundraising for the S.A.F.E. House shelter in Las Vegas NV. Many things are still in the works for these events, but it will extend from April 23-27. Here are the basics and now it's time for me to begin getting media releases and making contacts about it. I'm helping to make the dream Bella Capo had when she came out of hiding to write LA BELLA MAFIA come true - reaching as many abuse victims as possible with advice and messages of hope.

APRIL 23 - Bella Capo will visit S.A.F.E. House to give a motivational chat to the residents. She has been in their shoes both as an abused child and abused spouse. Copies of LA BELLA MAFIA will be donated to the shelter.

APRIL 26 - Barnes & Noble Bookfair to benefit S.A.F.E. House featuring Bella and LA BELLA MAFIA, the book I co-authored with Dennis N. Griffin. There will be a B&N code to identify purchases eligible for donations their donations to the shelter which I will be posting when I have it. Every book purchase that has the code entered at the Barnes & Noble in Henderson NV will qualify for a donation. I'm waiting to see if it will also apply to online purchases. Meet and Greet with Bella, unvarnished chat about her life and book signing. 12:-00-3:00

APRIL 27 - Private event for the "Ladies Making a Difference" group in Las Vegas. Meet Bella Capo and book signing. Donation to S.A.F.E. House for all purchases that day. The "Ladies" are also doing a toy and clothing drive for the women and kids at the shelter.

It makes me feel so good to be able to help. Stay tuned for more details.


The Kindle edition of my new book RIPOFF was released and the paperback should be available at many online bookstores, nationally and internationally, by the end of the month.

This funny crime caper, co-authored with Caroline Rowe, involves an over-the-top scheme to embezzle from the federal prison system and the 3 "Charlie's Angels Wannabes" who bumble into the scam.

Twists, turns and a surprise finale!

The SILVER SISTERS MYSTERIES are back, and better than ever. Beginning with the upcoming re-release of the award-winning culinary caper, A CORPSE IN THE SOUP in April, the existing books will be re-released in edited new editions, all with cool new covers.

Seven Deadly Samovars, the second book in the series, has had quite a bit of editing and become TERROR IN A TEAPOT. It is targeted for release in late August or early September. It will be followed by VANISHING ACT IN VEGAS in late December or early 2015. For Silver Sisters fans, once all three books are out, we will be offering a special package deal for purchase of all three.

Not only that, but DIAMONDS IN THE DUMPSTER, a new adventure featuring the zany twins and their feisty 80 year-old mother and uncle--the former vaudeville magicians who love to dress in disguise and go undercover--is in the works!

And, my friends, as the saying goes what you see above is just the tip of the iceberg of everything that has been going on in my life. Of course, living in the desert, we don't have icebergs, but you get my drift.


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