Books are the gateway to imagination

Books are the gateway to imagination
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Saturday, August 9, 2014


Okay, so after two weeks of appliances and mechanical things failing one after another I think it is finally reversing.

It started with the water heater. A telltale leak in the garage that fortunately missed all or most of the things in its path. But, necessitated replacing the water heater and a water feed line. Even with our insurance with American Home Shield covering the replacement of the heater, we still had almost a $1,000 bill for the non- covered items.

The next day I was vacuuming the upstairs when without any warning the vacuum cleaner went stone cold dead. It simply wouldn't come back on. I thought I'd need a new one.

Then the internet (my lifeline as an author) went down and after an hour and a half on the phone with Cox they finally got it back on. The problem turned out to be the ethernet cable, but they said since my router was 7 years old it had been on borrowed time for at least 3 years and would have to be replaced. 

I went downstairs where hubby told me the big screen TV had gone completely black. It is an older LCD that requites a bulb that backlights it. Years ago I was told that was about a $600 repair.

Oh yes, also learned the battery in my car has a crack and will have to be replaced.

Then things began to reverse. I plugged the vacuum cleaner into a different outlet and viola! It leaped to life.
Found out the bulb replacement will be slightly over $200 for the TV. Always get a second estimate.
Will probably replace the router before it dies because I also have internet telephone. If death of the router is eminent, I will head it off at the pass. 
Discovered I hadn't bought the battery for the car that long ago. Maybe there will be some warranty credit left.

Yes, things are definitely looking up.

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