Books are the gateway to imagination

Books are the gateway to imagination
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Friday, December 12, 2014


Last night hubby and I had a wonderful evening with friends. My friendship with Graylyn dates back to the days when we both were involved with Federal Prison Industries. She decided to throw a spur-of-the-minute dinner party and invited us, another couple from New York who were from the same neighborhood as hubby, and a couple who are her neighbors.

Since hubby can no longer drive, and he'd always been the one who drove at night, my challenge was whether I could drive to her house in the hills of Henderson NV after dark. Sometimes things just fall into place. I'd been to my optometrist the day before and she changed my contact lens prescription, and viola! Suddenly things were much clearer. She also changed my driving glasses prescription, and I was able to pick up the new ones yesterday. Decision made. With my night vision far improved, we embarked on the 10 mile drive. Yep. I was able to do it without a hitch. Yippee!

The two couples we didn't know turned out to be great folks that we would like to get together with again. What a fun evening. Graylyn is the consummate entertainer. She and her husband Bob had decorated their new home beautifully, the table setting, complete with placecards, looked like something out of a movie, and the dinner she said she just threw together, was outstanding.

But the greatest thing was the active conversation. There wasn't a quiet person in the bunch. Graylyn and I regaled the others with stories from the time we'd both been involved with furniture manufactured in Federal Prisons--she was Chief of Sales for UNICOR, the government corporation that maintains about 100 manufacturing factories on prison grounds throughout the country, and I was a sales representative for a contractor that provided marketing services for the furniture division. I was constantly on the go with a territory that covered Southern California, Southern Nevada and Utah. We met each other back in 2000 at a meeting at Coleman Prison in Florida and clicked right away. 

When Graylyn and her husband Bob moved to Las Vegas after they both retired, the friendship picked up again and we always have a great time when we get together. Friendship is so golden, particularly during the holidays if you don't have family around you. The invitation to the dinner was one of the nicest things she could have done.

I should mention that my stint representing UNICOR was the inspiration for my book RIPOFF--a funny fictional crime caper whose diabolical plot involves ripping off the prison system for millions with a very clever scam. Gotta make sure to give Graylyn a copy of that book.

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