Books are the gateway to imagination

Books are the gateway to imagination
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Thursday, January 29, 2015


Settle down with a good book, whether it's paperback, Kindle or one of the ePub platforms like Nook.

This fun escapade involves a clever scam to embezzle millions from the Federal prison system, and the three savvy women who brought it down.

How can something like this happen...from the prison system. Well, the truth is, and you can check it out, that the manufacturing division sells close to a billion dollars a year in goods they manufacture in prisons to the Federal government.

Caroline Rowe and I worked for the private sector marketing company for that division and we each sold millions of dollars of projects a year. We also got the idea for this scam that a former FBI undercover agent said really could have worked.

So, get your paperback from Amazon, Barnes & Noble or any number of online bookstores for just #14.99 or their discounted price. You can also find the Kindle edition on Amazon and the Nook edition on B&N for just $2.99. Kobo has it, too, and so do lots of other sites. Check your favorite one and try to guess "howdunit."

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