Books are the gateway to imagination

Books are the gateway to imagination
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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Update on the Fender Bender

Not having heard anything from the insurance company since the accident on January 8, I called to follow up. I was told they hadn't been able to get their insured's version so I would have to wait until they spoke to the insured. Keep in mind that we were both insured by the same company.

When I asked how long they allow, they UNBELIEVABLY said 3 weeks. Then he said if they don't hear back they send a demand letter. How long is allowed for that? Another 10 days--like over a month all together until the other guy would be declared liable and his insurance would pay for the repair. When I asked what would happen if my car couldn't be driven, the peson said, "Well you could always put in an uninsured motorist claim on your own insurance and then if we find our party liable it would be reimbursed." Yeah, sure! and my insurance would probably go up in the process even though I was the one that was hit.

I told him the insured wasn't even in the car and was relying on what the woman driving the car told him, which was a lie. I asked if they'd looked at the satellite photo of the parking lot with the diagram of the position of the cars as well as the photo of the position of the cars. Can you believe this? He said, "No, he didn't have access to those and I'd have to wait until they talked to their insured. Then he'd be able to see what I submitted. Keep a lid on. Be nice even though you want to scream. All I said was, "Fine. I'll wait to fix the car until you talk to him, but if you'd look at the photo you'd see I've have had to be able to drive sideways to be the one that hit her. I might look into changing my insurance to another company and doing a lot of social media posts as to why I took that action.

Fifteen minutes later the phone rang. It was the insurance guy. He asked if I'd calmed down. I replied, "No, I'm still pissed." So he said, "Well I'm going to make you feel better. We finally touched base with our insured and it was the woman's fault and we'll make arrangements to get your car fixed."

My take. The claim was sitting there gathering dust, waiting for the guy to call back. I rattled their cage and they probably called him and got it settled.

You have to stick up for yourself sometimes to get action.

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