Books are the gateway to imagination

Books are the gateway to imagination
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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Tomorrow we welcome guest author Mike Dennis on Writers Tricks of the Trade radio

Author, narrator Mike Dennis to guest on Writers Tricks of the Trade radio

The second Writers Tricks of the Trade radio show airs on Blog Talk Radio on November 26.

Mike Dennis has been described as by author Max Allen Collins, who has been nominated for numerous Edgar and Shamus awards, as “a modern master of noir.”
After thirty years as a professional musician, Dennis left Key West FL and moved to Las Vegas to become a professional poker player. But, after spending several years in Sin City, he moved back to Key West where he lives with his wife Yleana. He authors two series: the Key West Nocturnes series and the Jack Barnett/Las Vegas series the rest on

Monday, November 24, 2014

My latest release is a children's picture book

Whatever can go wrong for LaRue does!

...But he's not the only one

A delightful picture book about a little llama who tries to help his mama, but runs into problems every time. I wrote and illustrated this book for my own children 38 years ago but never intended to publish it. With eleven novels to my credit now, more on the way, and hundreds of published articles, my daughter Jakki and son Jason, now adults, urged me to share their beloved LaRue with children across the world. He's a very lovable little guy but as hard as he tries to help, nothing seems to go right. The object lesson for children is "pay attention to what you do."

Just $1.99 or FREE on Kindle Unlimited - Available worldwide in every country where Amazon has a website.

Grab a copy today and delight a child.

Sunday, November 9, 2014


                               with hosts Morgan St. James and Dennis N. Griffin

NOVEMBER 26    CREATING DYNAMIC DIALOGUE   Guest Mike Dennis-author, musician and audiobook narrator            

DECEMBER 10     WRITING WITH A PARTNER    Guest Phyllice Bradner-author, artist


Friday, October 31, 2014

True crime writer and radio host Dennis N. Griffin will be a "sometimes" co-host/producer for my new Internet radio show Writers’ Tricks of the Trade with Morgan St. James, for those interested in the writing business and those who like to read. 

During this new show for writers, editors, literary agents, publishers and readers,that will launch on Blog Talk Radio on November 12, we will discuss the many aspects of the business and craft of writing. Guests will be those who have been there and done that and are willing to share their expertise. Listeners will be encouraged to call in with questions and comments or participate via the interactive chat room.

The topic for the debut show on November 12 is RIVET YOUR READERS - Create a "can't put down" book. Catch the opening episode live if you want to call in.

The show will run bi-weekly on Wednesday at 6:00 p.m. PST /9:00 p.m. Eastern

Episodes will be archived for those who cannot listen to the show during the live broadcast. Share this with your friends interested in writing or how books are created. Call in lines will be open.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Writers' Tricks of the Trade radio show on Blog Talk Radio

Coming Soon ...

November 12, 6:00 pm PST/9:00 EST marks the debut of the new 

Writers' Tricks of the Trade Radio Show on 

Blog Talk Radio 

First show: 


***Watch this spot for LATEST DETAILS***

Monday, October 20, 2014


One year ago--a year of unqualified love ago--Dylan the Dog joined our household. He has been such a
source of joy and never fails to show us how much he appreciates being rescued. That said, we have spoiled him completely, and he has earned the nickname "cuddle bunny." His greatest pleasure seems to be curling up partially in my lap and partially on the sofa or chair. At 35 pounds, he is just a tad too big to totally fit in my lap. Happy anniversary, Dylan.

Save a life. Rescue a dog or cat.

Saturday, August 9, 2014


Okay, so after two weeks of appliances and mechanical things failing one after another I think it is finally reversing.

It started with the water heater. A telltale leak in the garage that fortunately missed all or most of the things in its path. But, necessitated replacing the water heater and a water feed line. Even with our insurance with American Home Shield covering the replacement of the heater, we still had almost a $1,000 bill for the non- covered items.

The next day I was vacuuming the upstairs when without any warning the vacuum cleaner went stone cold dead. It simply wouldn't come back on. I thought I'd need a new one.

Then the internet (my lifeline as an author) went down and after an hour and a half on the phone with Cox they finally got it back on. The problem turned out to be the ethernet cable, but they said since my router was 7 years old it had been on borrowed time for at least 3 years and would have to be replaced. 

I went downstairs where hubby told me the big screen TV had gone completely black. It is an older LCD that requites a bulb that backlights it. Years ago I was told that was about a $600 repair.

Oh yes, also learned the battery in my car has a crack and will have to be replaced.

Then things began to reverse. I plugged the vacuum cleaner into a different outlet and viola! It leaped to life.
Found out the bulb replacement will be slightly over $200 for the TV. Always get a second estimate.
Will probably replace the router before it dies because I also have internet telephone. If death of the router is eminent, I will head it off at the pass. 
Discovered I hadn't bought the battery for the car that long ago. Maybe there will be some warranty credit left.

Yes, things are definitely looking up.