Books are the gateway to imagination

Books are the gateway to imagination
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Friday, May 31, 2013


FROM THE AWARD-WINNING "A Corpse in the Soup"

Manicotti’s face turned beet red. “He’s where? He’s what? But that can’t be. He’s a Gourmet Gladiator. He’s due on stage at the Kitchen Coliseum in ten minutes. We can’t hold up the show for him.”

“You don’t understand Mr. Manicotti,” he squeaked. “The man is dead as a mackerel. D-E-A-D. He can’t come to the Kitchen Coliseum, he can’t cook on your show, and he’s not goin’ anywhere except the morgue.”

Large patches of sweat appeared on the producer’s shirt. His eyes bulged and his mouth opened and closed like a carp out of water. “You’re sure? You touched him? He’s dead?”

“Yes, Sir. I’m still on his set. I’m about to call the police, the medics, the swat team, the FBI, I don’t know what all. I’ve never seen a corpse in a soup bowl, ya know.”

My new book, "La Bella Mafia" is moving along right on schedule

Things are rolling along right on schedule. Yesterday I approved the PDF proof of the book which means we should have Advance Review Copies (ARCs) to be sent to true crime reviewers, newspapers, media, etc. The interior design of the book looks great and Dennis and I have gone through it so many times looking for possible errors I can probably recite chapters from memory. We want this book to be as perfect as possible, so even after the editors and proofreaders, Dennis and I have done our own multiple readings of it.

The more I read it, even though I co-authored it, the more I realize what an incredible tale of courage and inspiration this is. For those who have only seen the type of abuse and survival skills that were Bella’s life it is a look beyond what you see on TV or in the movies, because it is REAL. Yes, this really did happen and happens in many families behind closed doors. Maybe not to this degree, or sadly, maybe even more, but it does happen. Instead of letting it beat her down, Bella used these awful experiences to counsel and inspire others who suffer silently.

For those readers who have endured unspeakable traumas caused by similar treatment or the need to survive, this book sends a message loud and clear. “Hold your head up and believe that YOU can make things better.” If you are in the clutches of an abuser, run—don’t walk—as far away from them as you can. Bella talks about this extensively in the last section of the book, Part 3 La Bella Mafia.

Anxiously awaiting the next step in the publication process—the cover. After that Houdini Publishing will be able to produce digital and print Advance Review Copies and we will be reviewing the list to determine exactly where to send them for reviews.

Friday, May 17, 2013


So much has been going on since my last post in December I feel like that juggler with too many balls in the air. On a positive note, none of them have hit me on the head yet.

We moved into our Las Vegas house full-time in February and there was so much confusion it was like a Keystone Kops comedy. One thing after another happened but the real challenge was getting our wonderful antique Mexican buffet down from a mezzanine in the California townhouse so it could be moved to Las Vegas. It is one of the few pieces of furniture we will never give up. 

The problem was that it is a solid 10 feet long and could not go around the turn in the stairwell, so it had to be lifted through a space between a railing and dropped soffit.  Even by turning it on its side, there was only about 1 1/2 inches of clearance. You can see how small the opening was and the buffet weighs hundreds of pounds.

I couldn't watch. It took six movers to heft it up to that space, slide it through and lower it to the next level. 

Hubby and my three cousins had arranged chairs on the lower level so they could sit comfortably and watch the show like it was a "headliner attraction.". Not me.
I had visions of the whole thing crashing to the ground, so I hid out at the top of the townhouse until I got the all clear signal.

When it arrived in Las Vegas it took two men (who were huffing and puffing) to get it into the living room (on the ground floor) and arrange it. in place. One big guy wiped the sweat from his brow and the smaller one put his hands on his knees and took deep breaths.

I said, "At least you weren't the ones in L.A. who had to get it down from a mezzanine." The larger one rolled his eyes and said, "Maybe not, but we sure heard about it!"

More about what's been happening since February in my post next week. Check back to find out.

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